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Oraganisation Chart


  1. This Department takes care of the irrigation needs of the state of Andhra Pradesh and thus helps address one of the basic needs of the mankind, i.e., food, by providing water to the crops through its system comprising Reservoirs, Canals and other related infrastructure.

  2. There are Multi purpose Projects like Nagarjuna Sagar, Srisailam, Somasila, Sriram Sagar, Telugu Ganga and such others gigantic structures built across the Rivers Krishna, Penna, Godavari, Vamsadhara etc. Besides this there are major barrages like Sir Aurthur Cotton, Prakasam Barrage, Tungabhadra Barrage etc.

  3. The above are some of the greatest monumental achievements of this Department, which wouldnt have been realized but for the strenuous efforts and sacrifices made by many of our engineers. As a result of this today we are able to ensure proper water supply to the crops and thus helping all-round development of the state which paved the way for the Industrial development of the state also.

  4. The department deals with engineering activities viz., Investigation, research, Design, execution, Quality Control of different Projects, Head Works, Canals and Canal Structures.

  5. The works of department are divided in three groups: Major Irrigation, Medium Irrigation and Minor Irrigation depending upon the magnitude and purpose.

  6. This Department has about 7,000 engineers serving in various cadres, apart from supporting staff, and spends a major portion of the state budget in its endeavor to serve people by meeting the ever-changing irrigation needs.

  7. Future Plans of the Department include implementation of schemeslike Sripada Yellampally Project, Godavari Lift Irrigation, Indira Sagar(Polavaram) Project, Pulichintala Project, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Pranahitha Sujala Sravanthi Lift Irrigation Scheme, Dummagudem Project and many other Schemes.

  8. The Government laid major thrust on Irrigation Sector and proposed to take up Irrigation Projects in the state at various locations with an estimated cost of Rs 46,000 Crores to be utilized for construction and creation of capital assets within a limited span of 5 years.

  9. Of late the Government have introduced e-Procurement for awarding works to the agencies, which facilitates quick processing as well as scrutiny in the most rationalized manner.

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